Shaikh Rashid Dead | Dubai Ruler Shaikh Mohammad’s son dies of heart attack at the age of 33

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    Published on September 22, 2015 by Nish

    Shaikh Rashid Dead, Dubai Ruler Shaikh Mohammad’s son dies of heart attack at the age of 33
    The disgraced elder Prince, Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was the uglier of the two brothers and a notorious sex-addict and drug user.

    He is often confused with the younger and more popular brother, Sheikh Hamdan “Fazza”, who prefers naked boys and has managed to remain unmarried. The hook-nosed brothers would frequent London’s luxury hotels for group orgies that would extend into all-night drug binges with male and female human trafficking victims of Eastern European background. We wouldn’t be surprised if Rashid’s real cause of death was a drug overdose. Premature heart attacks are not uncommon with drug users. Rashid was sent to secret detox clinics in Europe several times but his addiction was so deep they failed to get him clean.

    Both Dubai crown prince’s have drug problems but the eldest one, Rashid, was apparently the one with the most severe addiction. Another little known fact is that Rashid was a murderer. According to a confidential report leaked by wikileaks from David Williams, Acting Consul General, Consulate Dubai, Rashid killed a royal assistant in his father’s office sometime before 2008.

    Rashid’s drug addition was so bad that his father considered him unstable and unreliable for office and kept him hidden from the public for the past few years. You can barely find photos of him anymore. The one below is one of the few we found on the net. The media around the world are actually publishing the wrong photos, showing Fazza instead of Rashid. It seems the royals have gotten Google to erase most of the photos of Rashid. You could find plenty of them about two years ago and now almost nothing.

    Thank god this sperm vale, the factory of venereal diseases and terror offspring is finally inactive.

    In public the Dubai “Royal” family (fake royalty) pretends to be modern, humble and friendly. But in private servants claim the family is cruel, racist, kafirophobic and harsh slave masters. A royal assistant, Olatunji Faleye, filed a lawsuit against his employer in 2011 in London courts – and said the royal family was vicious and racist and referred to him as ‘al-Abd al-Aswad’ or ‘the black slave’.