Papaya Potato Kebab & Veg Vonton in Rasikka Rusikka – 16/09/2015 I Puthuyugam TV

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    Published on September 30, 2015 by Nish

    “ Rasikka Rusikka” is Not just another cookery show, but a unique kitchen Program. Variety and simplicity are the hallmarks of this program. There are a number of cookery shows, teaching umpteen recipes. But unfortunately, most of them cannot be tried at home due to various reasons. But each and every recipe here can be tried and relished.
    Experts in international cuisines, traditional cuisines and Indian cuisines present simple but tasty recipes. From soups to desserts you have a wide variety of dishes. To break the monotony and make it more interesting there are no stereotypes. One week could be French cuisine and another would be dedicated to Italian delicacies and so on.
    To make it more interactive, viewers could also participate, presenting their recipes through mail or even share it over the phone, which our host would try at the studio step by step.
    In short K2K is sure to stimulate your taste palates and make you ask for more and more.

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